Sustainable & Responsible

Responsibility to our customers, employees, animals and environment will always guide our growth.

Multi Glory & Sustainability

Multi Glory has placed environmental and social sustainability as the focus of our development. Sustainability is important to us and we are on a mission to grow greener.

Environmental Sustainability

  • We work hard to implement cleaner production lines that offer customers sustainable down & feather and home textile product solutions.

  • We use green energy (Natural Gas), recycle our washing water, and do not use harsh chemicals to treat our products.

  • Our down & feather is biodegradable and 100% natural.

  • We source our material from farms that only practices non-live plucking, and where the down & feather is a by-product of the meat production.

Social Sustainability

Multi Glory interprets responsibility as obligation to customers, associates, communities and society.

We are active entrepreneur charity donators in China, and we aim to use our success to pay-back our community.

We invest one million RMB each year to elevate the minimum hourly wage, training, skill development.

Our Certificates