Vertical Integrated Manufacturer

24 Years Bedding Experience
Largest Mattress Pad Manufacturer in China
Largest Down Processor and Trader in China
US Warehouse and Distribution Service
US Blowing and Contract Assembly Service

About Multi Glory

We have about 30 years of experience and service in the home textiles industry.

Why Choose Us

We provide our customers with affordable value product solutions through excellence in service, quality, comfort and innovation.

Our vision

We are committed to producing innovative home textile products while supporting our community and being stewards of the environment.

Thank you for choosing Multi Glory.

  • To provide unsurpassed service, quality, comfort, and affordable products to our customers.

  • To be a leader in the home textile industry providing innovative products that offer happiness and joy to families around the world.

Our Values

  • Integrity

    we set the highest ethical standards to establish trust and a reliable working environment for our customers, suppliers, and associates.

  • Simplicity

    Behind the simplicity is high efficiency, professional knowledge, and industry confidence.

  • Innovation

    We believe innovation will motivate our associates and drive sustainable growth.

  • Sustainability

    We place environmental protection, social responsibility, and returns to our community as our long term goal.

Multi Glory Today

  • Experience

    Over 27 Years of History
  • Professionalism

    A Chinese 'AAA'Business Enterprise
  • Quality

    In-house Quality Testing Accredited Laboratory & Innovation Center
  • Luxury Bedding

    Over 100Bedding Options
  • Down & Feather

    Over 30,000+ tons of Down & Feather Sold
  • International

    Serving50+Clients Globally

Our Strengths


    • Independent Multi Glory QA Department
    • Accredited Quality Testing and Innovation Laboratory
    • Extensive History of Quality and Reliability
  • COST

    • Vertical Integrated Manufacturer
    • Optimal Supply Chain
    • Raw Material Consolidated Purchasing Strategy
    • Production and Energy Efficiency Initiatives

    • Proactively participate initiatives of social sustainability and environmental sustainability. Multiple certification of sustainability and responsibility.

    • Large Production Capacity
    • Extensive History of High Flexibility
    • Quick Response System
  • Innovation:

    • We believe innovation will motivate our associates and drive sustainable growth


Multi Glory aims for customer satisfaction, and while meeting these needs we have reached several milestones and are frequently recognized as sustainable, healthy growing company.